Procedimientos cirugía plástica cuerpo hombre

Jesús López

After 3 months of surgery, I can say that I am very happy, from the moment I chose to have a procedure with Dr. Hoyos, I did not hesitate a minute of him and his wonderful work and professionalism, the recovery has been very fast and the results have been seen from the beginning and now after 3 months I am already deflated and I see the clearest change in my body, the definition is completely natural, every day I see more and more positive changes, I am very happy and grateful with Doctor Hoyos’s work and his team.


Procedimientos cirugía plástica cuerpo mujer


Dr. Hoyos is an amazing doctor and person. He made me feel welcome & comfortable since my first consultation with him. His team is so friendly & caring they gave me the best attention ever. It has been 18 days since my surgery and even though it is too soon to say, I can see an amazing transformation with my body and it´s only going to get better! Dr. Hoyos is the best at what he does, he is a true artist and surgeon and more so an amazing human being. Thank you to him, and his team for taking such good care of me and giving me the results I dream of 🙂

Procedimientos cirugía plástica Hombre

Juan Felipe Gómez

Today I complete three months and eleven days of Having undergone the surgery with Dr. Hoyos, his High Definition Lipo technique is excellent,I really like what I see in the mirror; my life has changed completely, now I feel more confident in myself.

I am much more motivated to lead a healthy life and enhance the great results obtained with the intervention. My life today is a life without complexes.